• GEORGE - 2007 - Short Film - Wrote - Produced - Directed

    As a staff producer I was givena $1000 budget and some parameters for making a short. No more than 3 characters and less than 7 minutes.


    A friend of mine always had a very vibrant relationship with his cat and I decided to make a documentary.


    The song for the end credits was pure magic and luck. I happened to be working on a trainging video on a specific meathod of teaching music to children. I was still editiing George and the teachers used the song in their lessons. After work I begged them to sing it again so I could record it and use for my short film about a naughty pussy cat.

  • MAN AT THE DOOR - 2010 - Short Film - Wrote, Produced and Directed

    Wrote this story for fun and made it for about $2500 and a lot of free labor. Shot on Canon 7D's (3). Built the set in the empty naval recruiting depot at Liberty Station, San Diego. The new Stone Brewery no resides in the same spot where we shot this over three nights in 2010.


  • WORLDS APART - 2008 - Short Film - Wrote, Produced and Directed.

    This was my 4th project for the United States Marine Corp. I pitched a more narrative approach to meet their communication goals. Ultimately we decided to do a short film to show the Marines, Sailors and their families what to expect when their Marine was involuntarily recalled during the Irag War.


    I wrote the script along with the help from the public affairs officer from MCCS at Kanas City, Mo.



  • YOGA TRAINING VIDEO - 2008 - Produced, Directed

    Breathing and yoga instructional video series. Created the set from scratch with a great crew and great input from the client.

  • SPEC SPOT - 2008 - Wrote, Produced, Directed

    Was tasked with coming up witha  a spec spot for the companies demo reel. This was a great time all around. If you watch to the end you'll see the random client logo was a little fortuitous given the future economic down turn in late 2008.

  • 20 Year Marriage Vow Renewal - 2013 - Wrote, Produced and Directed

    This was a private client who were going back to the Phillipines to celebrate their marriage and renew their vows. They wanted a story about what the last 20 years had been like for them and who and what they are. The goal of the piece was to share this in their own personal way for friends and family.


    Budget was about $1K, total one man band.

  • Pan Camera - 2005 to present - Long lens camera operator for live broadcast

    Shoot live racing, morning works, hand-held in the winners circle and more for years of experience in the industry.


    Also have shot live sports for the San Diego Padres, and SDTV.

  • 2015 San DIego Music Awards - Live Imag Producer -

    I produced the live Imag and video production for the San Diego Music Awards Show from 2009 to 2015.

    Here's a sample of a performance we live cut on site.


    Other responsibilities included crewing, gear and equipment aquistions and rental. And the live category video roll ins and special live video presentation.

  • Camera Operator -TVG -

    Camera Operator, Sony F800. Shoot package b-roll and run and gun interviews. Contributed most of the non-nbc b-roll and interviews.

  • Camera Operator -TVG - 2

    Camera Operator, Sony F800

    Broll and interviews.

  • Camera Operator -TVG - 3

    Camera Operator, Sony F800

    Broll and interviews.


While I don't get an opportunity to share all the productions I've worked on, I do have some examples of projects I was directly involved with over the years. Click on the titles below to take a look.